American Literature 10

Due Today: Final Draft of Goals Essay, with signed revised draft, and rough draft

Novel Discussion #4- If you miss today’s discussion, be sure to turn in your work at the next discussion meeting, and find out ASAP what task you have for our next discussion: Wednesday, Feb. 28.

Read/Work on your Personalities Trait Paragraphs – Due: Thursday, 03/01

Monday is a Reading/Writing Day – Come prepared please.


American Literature 10

Using the results of your Personalities Test from yesterday, you will write two well-developed paragraphs reflecting on yourself as a learner and as a social being. Remember also to complete the Google Form from yesterday’s post.

You may use this link to access today’s plan, or you may find it in Google Classroom.

Handouts used today: Personalities Assignment Part 2 & 3 and Talk to Think _ Think to Talk

TOMORROW- Due: Final Draft of Goals Essay GOALS ESSAY step by step instructionsGoal Essay Assignment Checklist and be prepared for your Novel Discussion. 


American Literature 10

NOTE: We will have our Lit Circle Discussion 3 and 4 together on Friday. Keep whatever jobs you had for yesterday’s cancelled discussion, but read the number of pages required through Friday’s, 02/23, discussion. You do NOT have to do extra work for your job.

TODAY: We have been talking about the unique perspectives each person brings to reading and discussing a novel.

Here is your chance to learn a bit more about yourself and how you contribute to a discussion, as well as strengths and weaknesses as a student – Begin by using this Personalities Test link to take the test. It takes about 10-12 minutes. Be honest so you will get accurate results. Read the questions carefully; many are worded in a negative way, so you have to think about the answers. I think you will actually find it pretty accurate.

Read ALL sections of results, but print out your “Results” (the small pic – ‘snip’ it and then copy/paste), your “Strengths and Weaknesses,” “Friendships”, “Career Paths,” and “Workplace Habits”, which will be similar to your habits as a student/learner. PLEASE COPY AND PASTE THESE TO A WORD OR GOOGLE DOC TO PRINT – tighten it up by getting rid of extra space, changing the font to Times New Roman size 10-12, and single spacing everything. Print on both sides. DO NOT PRINT THE PICTURES! Bring this with you to class tomorrow. NOTE: if you will have access to a device (phone, IPad, etc.) tomorrow, have the results emailed to you, so you may pull them up to work on in class tomorrow without having to print them.

Once you have completed the test, read all of your results, and printed out, or had sent to you, the info required above, complete this Google Form 

When finished, you may read, work on your Lit Circle Job for Friday, or finish typing your essay, which is due: Friday, 02/23.

REMEMBER: Today is the last day you have to go to the Writing Lab to get feedback for you essay. You MUST have this signed by the adult you work with as part of the Writing Process.

American Literature 10

Lit Circle Discussion #2

Our next novel discussion will be Tuesday, 02/20 – Please be prepared after enjoying a nice three-day weekend!

Check out the handouts for Lit Circle tasks in Google Classroom! or here: Directions for Lit Circle Tasks

REMINDER: You will have Wednesday of next week to get to the Writing Lab – Your final draft of Goals Essay is Friday, 02/23.

The Writing Lab is NOT open Tues, Thurs, or Fri next week. I will be available in my classroom during 4th hour if you are unable to make it to the Writing Lab. 

American Literature 10

Discussion/presentation on what a Group Novel Discussion should look like – see Google Classroom for helpful handouts to print with Lit Circle task info organized.

Read novel and work on preparing for tomorrow’s Discussion #2.

Third Hour: Presentation on Abuse – please read and prepare for tomorrow’s Discussion #2.

Tomorrow would be a good day to go to the Writing Lab for a Writing Conference about your Goals Essay. It is open 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, and 8th hours. Be sure to have the teacher in the Writing Lab sign your paper. This is part of your Writing Process score. Then make changes to your document as appropriate. Final Draft is due: Friday, 02/23/18.

American Literature 10

Library Computer Lab Today – Your task in the library lab is to type up your five-paragraph Goals Essay and print it so you can take it to the Writing Lab or another adult who can effectively help you with ideas, organization, flow, grammar, and sentence structure. However, you are ultimately responsible for a quality finished product.

Double space your essay and use size 12 font, and include a correct MLA heading.

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You will have today, Friday, and Wednesday of next week to go to the Writing Lab on your own time. The final draft of your paper will be due: Friday, February 23.

If you finish during class time, if there is someone working in the Writing Lab, you may ask to use that time for a writing conference if the teacher is available.


American Literature 10

First Lit Circle Novel Discussion Today – if you are absent, be sure to turn in your task you were to complete for today, so I can give you credit. Also – BE RESPONSIBLE: find out from group members what your next task is and how many pages to read. Our next discussion is Friday, 02/16/2018.

  • Tomorrow, we will be in the Library Computer Lab – you may go directly there.
  • Your task will be to type up your essay, keeping in mind corrections and feedback from your own revisions, as well as suggestions from peer revising. This should be a final version of your essay.
  • Your essay should be typed, double-spaced, size 12 font, with a proper MLA heading.
  • When finished, you will print it and you will need to take it to the Writing Lab OR to a trusted adult (who is pretty good with grammar and sentence structure) for additional help and feedback. Have the adult or Writing Lab teacher sign your paper please.
  • NOTE: IF you have it typed up and printed before class, you may use part of your class time to work with a teacher in the Writing Lab if he/she is available. All class periods are covered EXCEPT 2nd and 5th.