English 955

Once again, here is the Study Guide for your final exam Study Guide S2 English Final Exam 2014. Print it out, create flash cards, do what you need to do to ACE it!!!

CHECK SKYWARD – I AM DAILY (EVEN HOURLY) ADDING GRADES. The Literary Analysis is at this time in Skyward as “No-count”. That means you have it in, but it is not yet graded. I am grading as fast as I can. If there is a zero and “Missing” for your Lit Analysis, you need to get it in ASAP. I have entered grades for the Creative Writing Portfolio Final Pieces, so be sure yours are in.

Poetry Thursday on Monday today. Read these two poems Poetry Thurs Poems for response and respond Poetry Thursday on Monday.

Since we are in a poetry writing mood, we are working on what is called a “Re-Creation Poem.” Read this poem Letter to the US Government by Chief Seattle, and jot down words or phrases that “jump out” at you. We will work on creating a new poem tomorrow, so bring what you have, and I will fill you in on the rest of the instructions.


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