Honors English

Confused Words (part of Vocabulary for quiz Friday): There – indicates place – She placed her book over there. Their – possessive pronoun meaning belongs to them – It was their car that I had seen parked at my house yesterday. They’re – a contraction for they are – They’re going to Disneyland for a vacation over the break.

Archetypes in Literature Archetypes In Literature PPPKnow these

Passed out copies of The Pearl (See me ASAP for this) – The reading of the novella will be done almost exclusively at home as homework. It is imperative that you keep up with the assigned reading and tasks, and be prepared for class discussions.

Assignment: Read Background info on John Steinbeck and on The Pearl BACKGROUND INFORMATION on Steinbeck and The Pearl. Come to class prepared tomorrow with two interesting statements from either. Read also the prologue before p. 1 and KNOW what a parable is.

Here is the Vocabulary you will need to know for reading The Pearl The Pearl – Vocab Ch1-6 Honors

Begin “The Most Dangerous Game” – a short story from the Literature Book – See me for the online userid and password for the Lit Book.



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