English 955

Poetry Thursday: Some of the most exciting stories pit protagonist against antagonist in a life or death struggle. The tension in these stories often depends as much on the character of the antagonist as on the hero. Think about your favorite villainous antagonist from a story, novel, or movie – the person you just love to hate. Write a few lines describing that “villain” and explain what it is about this person that fascinates you so.

Begin Reading “The Most Dangerous GameYou will be taking some notes on the story as we read. Today, we read p. 2-3 and 5-6. Answer the following: After reading conversation about hunting between Whitney and Rainsford (p. 6), who do you agree most with and why? Read through the “1. predicting” on p. 6 and answer the question about the evil reputation of the island. Finally, read through the part where Rainsford falls off the boat, and jot down his actions – What are 3 or 4 things he does that show you he is smart?


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