English 955

Daily Vocab: Quiz will be Wed., Oct. 15 due to MEA next week. Circumlocution: noun – speaking in circles; roundabout speech, perhaps to avoid hurting anyone’s feelings – commonly called beating around the bush – The principal said, “Your circumlocution is wasting time. Just tell me what you saw out in the parking lot.”

 Digress: verb – to wander off from the subject or topic spoken about. – We don’t have time to digress from the main issue right now.

Friday Paragraph – Friday Paragraph 5 Choose ONE. This is due Friday, October 10.

New Literary Terms for next assessment: Figurative Language, simile, metaphor, personification, hyperbole, and imagery. Look these up in your Lit Book p. 428-9 and beginning p. 1019. Write the definitions in “Your Own Words”.

Partner Activity: Please do this on your own if you were absent – Using blank paper, choose one of the words above (simile, metaphor, etc.) and provide an example on your paper; then illustrate it (draw a picture). Use color.

Read pp. 402-403 (Lit Book) about Imagery. Then fill in this chart Imagery Chart.


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