Honors English

Due Today: Friday Paragraph #5No new Friday Paragraph for next week due to the short week for MEA

Research Project GuidelinesHonors Mini Research Project

To get to the school data bases through Sharp School:

  • Go to the district page – schools –  Mayo – Academics – Library Media Center.
  • Click on Subscription Databases. You will have several to choose from. USE THEM, including the Helpful Links.
  • You are required to use at least one of the databases as a source, but you may use more. They are great resources.
  • EBSCO Student Research will likely be most helpful; however, I also found “Literary Criticism Guide” to be helpful. Just type in a subject to search – try The Pearl.
  • You may look at the different citation sites and choose one.  Unfortunately, you will not be able to access Purdue Owl through the LMC for some reason, so use this Link for Purdue Owl to get there. It is the best help for MLA Citations. In fact, you may consider bookmarking the site for future reference.
  • Also, you should take a look at the Works Cited page of this “MLA Sample Paper” to see what yours should look like when finished. Bookmark this one also for future reference.
  • You will have only two class days in the computer lab, so plan accordingly for any outside time needed.
  • We will not present until after MEA.

Due Monday: Gift Poem – see yesterday’s post


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