English 955

Daily Vocabulary: Insipid adj: lacking flavor or taste; unexciting – The conversation among her friends was so insipid that Monica fell asleep. What I thought would be a scary movie turned out to be an insipid story of harmless vampires.

Mundane adj: commonplace; ordinary – In contrast to the new and unusual, the mundane happenings of everyday existence are pretty dull. A good book can offer an escape from the mundane character of daily life.

Confused Words: Then and Than – Then – to show sequenceThey went to dinner, and then they went to the movie. To make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, first you get two slices of bread; then you spread peanut butter on one slice of the bread; next, you spread jelly on the other slice of bread, and finally, you put the two slices together and enjoy.

 Than – to show comparisonShe is taller than her friend. I like English better than I like history.

 TOMORROW: Vocabulary Quiz

Finish Grammar Handout Avoiding Run on Sentences and Comma Splices Writing Correct Sentences This PPP Run ons and Comma Splices is a good one to view on comma splices. This completed handout is due tomorrow.

12-Sentences Paragraph Structure – Here is the format and example we went over in class (SEE ME for the format) 12 sent para structure with Juliet example. Use this when writing about literature.

Homework: Due Tuesday, 10/21/14 Rewrite ONE of your Friday paragraphs as a 12-sentence paragraph. It may be easier to use this example 12 SentParaFormat and Example4UniformEssay for this type of paragraph. Then check and correct sentence structure, and eliminate usage of Second Person you or your.


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