Honors English

Poetry Thursday: Begin your paragraph with “It was an ordinary day, just like any other. I got up and got ready for school, grabbed my bag and headed out the door. On my way there, I noticed the streets were a bit quiet, but didn’t think twice about it until I got to school. The halls were dark and eerie, and then….”

Quick review of Quarter 1, Assessment 1 to plan for tomorrow. If you have nothing to retake on the assessment, plan to read and work on Friday Paragraph tomorrow. The following pages in the purple Literature Book should be helpful for review: Conflict – p. 2; Characterization – p. 84-85; Theme – p. 208-209; Time Manipulation – Foreshadowing, Flashback, Flash-forward, and Sequence of Events – p. 3

Read “The Interlopers” pp. 151-155

Homework: Read “About the Author” on p. 156 and “The Trapper Trapped” p. 156


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