English 955

Daily Vocab: Jovial adjective: happy; jolly – Miriam is very jovial today, for it is her birthday. Moroseadjective: gloomy, sullen, surly – The sun has not shone all day, making this a very morose Tuesday. Write down a memory clue for each.

Read “How To Eat a Guava” How To Eat A Guava and The Tropics in New York TEXT pp. 543-544. Create a column for each of the 5 senses: taste, sound, touch, smell, sight, and list examples of imagery from the first 3 paragraphs in the appropriate columns. Read the next 2 paragraphs and tell what the author’s tone (attitude) is toward her childhood. Read the poem “The Tropics in New York” p. 545 and answer: 1. What sensory details and simile does the speaker use to describe his homeland? 2. What tone, or attitude toward his homeland, does the imagery create? Answer the questions p. 546, # 7, 8, and 9 PracticeHow2Eat a Guava.

Homework – Due Tomorrow: ToneMood Practice


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