Honors English

Due Today: Friday (Thursday) Paragraph – 3 versions of setting with different moods or tones and Response to Letter to the Editor/Editorial – These will go on your 2nd quarter grade.

No Poetry Thursday today. Instead – Grammar Mini Lesson: Read about Active and Passive Voice Verbs in the purple Lit Book p. 1052 – 3f and 3g  and on p. 515, “Grammar Link”. Take notes on this info; it will be on the Vocab/Grammar Quiz Friday, 11/14. Complete the “Practice” #1-4 p. 515 under “Grammar Link”. Turn this in.

Read “How to Eat a Guava” p. 543-544 and “The Tropics in New York” p. 545, or on this handout How To Eat A Guava and The Tropics in New York TEXT. Complete answers and activities on the following: Read How to Eat a Guava

IMPORTANT: Begin thinking about a topic to research. We will be going to the computer lab early next week to begin exploring information. You may choose what you wish to research. Choose wisely – no state or animal reports. This is high school. Some topics to consider might be a career choice or comparison of career options, any topic from The Pearl or any story we have read, something from Secret Life of Bees – bees and bee-keeping, Civil Rights Movement, other topics that might apply, topic from your choice novel, or simply something you wish to research and learn more about. You will need to have your topic chosen by Tuesday, 11/11.


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