English 955

Today’s task:

Power Point Presentation to Begin: Selecting Using Sources power point

Go to the Mayo Media Center from the Green Ribbon on your screen. Click on Citation and Research Guides and then Evaluating Web Pages: Questions to Ask (UC Berkeley). Look over info and take notes on:

  1. 1. What can a URL tell you?
  2. 2. Scan the Perimeter
  3. 3. Indicators of Quality Information
  4. 4. What Do Others Say?
  5. 5. Does it All Add Up?

Open this document Evaluating Sources for Credibility and FOLLOW DIRECTIONS CAREFULLY!

You should also take a look at PBS Lesson Analyzing Sources and perhaps SAVE it to your notes to have a copy of it at all times for evaluating sources.

Justification for using books and other print sources and the available Databases – You don’t have to go through this extensive process of source evaluation because it has already been done for you.

REMEMBER: Due Tomorrow: Your Topic for Research If you have time left after the above, begin exploring your topic.


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