English 955


We have a little catch-up on Daily Vocabulary today: Cynical – adjective: questions the basic sincerity and goodness of people; distrustful of virtue – We have become very cynical about the honesty and sincerity of politicians, since they have proven to be dishonest and insincere. Didacticadjective: instructive; intended for instruction – The author had a didactic tone, as she was trying to educate her readers. Choleric adjective: hot-tempered; easily angered – Tibalt, Juliet’s cousin, has a choleric personality when it comes to the Montagues, whom he hates. Maliciousadjective: spiteful; purposefully hurtful – The tone of his essay about homelessness was malicious, for he wanted to hurt those who refuse to see that the homeless problem is not caused simply by laziness, but is much more complicated than that, and innocent children are often victims of homelessness.

Confused Words: woman and women – Woman = one female – singular Women = more than one female – plural

Here is a Research Source Flowchart to use to evaluate your sources for your research paper Copy of Internet Research Flowchart. This is a bit easier than answering the questions as we did for “The Tree Octopus” Site.

Create your Research Proposal Research Proposal2014Due: Friday, 11/14/14. Before completing your RP, check out these two sites to help: Focusing a Research Topic and Writing a Statement of Purpose.

Practice with Imagery, Diction, and Tone – See Me for story and assignment. We will finish tomorrow.

Homework: Work on your Research Proposal, which is due Friday.


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