Honors English

VERY short classes today due to testing.

Due Today: “Tone and Mood” Handout

Review Active/Passive Voice for tomorrow’s Vocab/Grammar Quiz – Active/Passive Voice A sentence is in the active voice when the subject performs the action; a sentence is in the passive voice when the action is done to the subject. See p. 515 of Purple Lit Book – Do “Practice” 1-4 – Examples: Passive: “A Sound of Thunder” was written by Ray Bradbury. Active: Ray Bradbury wrote “A Sound of Thunder” Passive: Three bananas were eaten by the man. Active: The man ate three bananas. Passive: The package was mailed by Bobby. Active: Bobby mailed the package. Passive: At the concert, several songs from his new CD were performed by Justin Bieber. Active: At the concert, Justin Bieber performed several songs from his new CD.

Finish Tone Illustration assignment begun yesterday and turn in with your questions/answers to “How to Eat a Guava”.

DUE Tomorrow: Research Proposal Research Proposal2014

REMEMBER: Your Memory Clues are due before you take your quiz tomorrow. Vocab Quiz Tomorrow – here is the entire word list for Unit 5: Word list.

Chapter 1 Assignment for Secret Life of Bees – Due: Monday, 11/17 Secret Life of Bees ch 1Assignment



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