English 955

Change of Plans – I am not going to require you to do an Annotated Bibliography. If you have already completed it or would like to in order to know how to do it for the rest of high school and college, I will be more than happy to help you outside of class, and I will give you extra credit for completing it.

Your task in the library today is to work on taking notes for your research paper. Remember the guidelines for note-taking: 

  • Use a SEPARATE 4” X 6” note card for each main idea.
  • Use short phrases, and use your own words. Summarize or paraphrase. If you copy someone’s exact words, put quotation marks before and after the exact words. Copy word for word, including punctuation, and use internal citation (parenthetical references). This will help you guard against plagiarism.
  • Label each card by writing in the top right hand corner, a key word or phrase that tells what the card is about (this is so you can organize your cards by topic later).
  • Put the author’s last name or the source title (if no author) in the upper left corner. This is extremely important for your Works Cited page and for internal citation.
  • In the bottom right-hand corner of each card, write the number of the page where you found the information. If no pg #, write n. pag

Use the Note Card Template I gave you. DO NOT FORGET TO CREATE A SOURCE CARD (or if you are using envelopes, write source info on outside of envelope) FOR EACH SOURCE YOU TAKE NOTES FROM.

***IMPORTANT: You will need this source info later for your internal citations and final Works Cited page.***

Remember: your Friday Paragraph Friday Paragraph 7 is due Tomorrow!!!


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