Honors English

Due Today: Annotated Bibliography

Also Note Card Check: Please turn in six note cards plus the source card(s) for the source these note cards came from. It is okay to have all 6 note cards from the same source. Please staple source card ON TOP of the notes from that source and make sure your name is on them.

Task in the Computer Lab today: Try to finish up as much of your note-taking as possible. Whatever research you don’t finish today should be completed at home before Tuesday, 12/02.

Tomorrow, we will work on organizing the note cards to begin creating an outline. Outline and MOST (if not all) of your note cards due Tuesday, 12/02.

Due Tomorrow: Your Practice Source Cards More Practice Source Cards

HOMEWORK: Due Friday, 12/05/14 – Read Secret Life of Bees through chap 5 and work on completing SecretLife of Bees ch2and Beyond as you read.  – Remember a motif is an often-repeated idea or theme in literature Archetypes and Motifs in Bees. We went over several weeks ago to help. 


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