English 955

After evaluating the outlines you turned in yesterday, I  noticed a bit more instruction on writing a thesis statement is necessary. The purpose of your thesis statement is to state what your paper will be about. It is NOT a question and it IS a complete sentence. Begin by thinking about your original research question and then what you found out through your research process to answer that question. That should be your thesis statement. Example: Original research question – Where did Robert Frost get his ideas for his poetry? In your research you learn that he was influenced by the places he lived and the natural areas close by. Your rough draft thesis statement might be: “Robert Frost got many of the ideas for his poems from the places where he lived and the natural areas nearby” (Holt EOL 617). Rewrite your thesis statement and return outline tomorrow.

  • Organize your note cards into piles according to sub-topics
  • Within each pile, place the note cards in the order you want to write about and number them 1, 2, 3, and so on.
  • Each pile should ideally be turned into a paragraph.
  • If you have only one or two cards in a pile, find more information on that subtopic, combine them with another subtopic that would make sense to combine them with, or eliminate that info from your paper, but save the cards just in case you change your mind later.
  • Use a sheet of notebook paper and begin writing your notes in complete sentences and paragraph form.
  • Cite each passage of info, using parenthetical citations.

This is the beginning of your rough draft.


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