English 955

Due Today: Rough Draft of Research Paper, with parenthetical references and a Works Cited Page

Important Information for writing the paper:

Some help for Works Cited Tips for Works Cited and Internal Documentation

Some help for Intro and Conclusion intro_conc-framework and Thesis Statement A BLUEPRINT THESIS STATEMENT

For more help and a good example of a Student Research Paper with Works Cited page and internal citations – all done in proper MLA format, see the Online Literature Book at my.hrw.com. You should have user name and password written in your planners. Go to Collection 9, Writing Workshop – Research Paper, pp. 622-626. Prior to that, it also covers internal citations, integrating quotes, and writing a thesis, etc.

Begin Revising the rough draft yourself. For Revising Help, use: FOR REVISING HELP, the Online text above – p. 627,  and/or this checklist Revising Checklist

For Tomorrow: Bring Rough Draft with your revisions for Peer Evaluation/Revising; Bring Vocabulary Flash Cards or words with definitions


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