English 955

Due Today: Friday Paragraph 9

REMINDER: schedule a time for a writing conference, whether in the Lit Lab or with a trusted adult. You need to be sure to give yourself enough time to make any corrections or changes. If you wait until Monday night, you may feel overly stressed – not good for this time of year, especially. Final Draft due: Tuesday, 12/23/14

Information for turning in the final draft of your paper and the title page Info for turning in final research paper 2011

For more and general help with your paper or any particular part of your paper FOR REVISING HELP

Here is a revising checklist that you may use yourself or have the person you conference with use Revising Checklist

I would strongly suggest you use this checklist for proofreading and editing your paper Editing and Proofreading Checklist singular. REMEMBER to proofread your paper at least twice even after you print up the final. Just because it is the final does not mean it will magically be perfect. You have to make it that way.

Finally, in case you no longer have your rubric, here it is again The Assessment955 2014

Read The Pearl – almost finished with Chap. 3

Self-Select Reading Assignment – Quarter two Self-Sel Assignment This is Due: Friday, January 9, 2015



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