Honors English

REMINDER – Due Tomorrow: Book Poster and Vocabulary for Q2 Self-Select Reading Quarter two Self-Sel Assignment

Passed back all graded Research Paper Assessments – If there is anything you need to redo, please do as soon as possible – the sooner, the better.

Vocabulary: Thursday, 01/08 – Erudite –adj: having or showing great knowledge or learning; Amity – noun: a friendly relationship: international amity and goodwill; Write a sentence and memory clue for each.

Finish Secret Life of Bees – Quick review of Friday Essay Choices for the novel Essay Topics – Due: Friday, 01/16/2015

Begin focus on final assessmentToday’s focus: Writing a summary of a non-fiction piece“Just Say No to Sugary Cereals”. We only read the piece today. Tomorrow we will write the summary, using this framework Main Idea and Details Summary.


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