English 955

Two Hour Late Start due to Inclement Weather

Due Today: Q2 Self-Select Book Poster and Vocab List

Friday Paragraph #10 – Due: Friday, 01/16/2015: Kino looked into the Pearl of the World and saw his hopes and dreams for himself and his family. What hopes and dreams do you have for your future? Write a well-developed paragraph that discusses your dreams and hopes and how you will accomplish them.

Our next skill set for assessment on January 15

  1. Providing and supporting text evidence
  2. Identifying bias in non-fiction text
  3. Identifying author’s tone in non-fiction text
  4. Identifying audience and author’s purpose in non-fiction text
  5. Writing a summary of main idea and supporting details

Watch this video on bias, and take notes on the definition and the 4 things used to evaluate bias in a text.

Now, take a few minutes to look through the book Chew on This on your desk. Notice the cover art, the words on the cover and any inner title pages, the chapter titles, any images in the text and any other feature you see. Share your findings with a neighbor.

With that same partner, choose a short section (~1 page) to read. Find the main idea of that passage and 2 supporting details.

Exit ticket- What do you think the author’s bias will be in this text? Please include the title of the book and support why you think this will be his bias.



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