English 955

Poetry Thursday: 01/29/15 – What makes a hero? Write down the names of people, real or fictional, whom you consider heroic. Then, list character traits that you think a hero should have. Are these traits universal, or do they reflect only our own culture?

Discussion on learning about other cultures from their literature, as The Odyssey teaches us what heroic traits were important to the Greeks, as well as the importance of hospitality in the Greek culture.

Read the article on Hospitality on p. 671 in the Purple Lit Book, then with your partner, explain three examples of how The Odyssey (movie) supports this idea of hospitality. Write these down and turn them in.

Read the story about Calypso in your Purple Lit Book, pp. 652 – 654, line 119.

Friday Paragraph (S2 FP1 Quarter 3 goals S2 FP1) due: TOMORROW!!!



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