Honors English

DUE TODAY:  Rewrite of the Poem you chose from Wednesday (See Wednesday’s Post) and your poem chart Poem Chart.

Poetry Thursday Sweet Treat

Read Purple Lit Book, p. 688 “Homeric Similes” and look at the Homeric Simile examples this gives. Then create two extended similes of your own. There are some some suggestions on p. 688, or come up with something else.

Copy this chart The CyclopsChartTransfSourceMatPractice for reading the Cyclops episode – the first section is for Homer’s version; leave the other section blank for now. Begin reading p. 660 and complete the chart as you go. You will be comparing the same story/idea in two additional mediums. In the section for “Descriptive Details”, be sure to include some Homeric Similes. We will continue this in class after our Book Discussion tomorrow.

REMINDER – Due Tomorrow: Friday Paragraph Speak Life S2 FP3 and your characterization passage Book Group Discussion 2. Bring your book.

Tomorrow’s HOPE Color Day: Wear blue for HOPE Day


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