English 955

Here is a Learning Map created by Mrs. Ekman that will guide you through this project. Your assignment is this: Multi-Media Assignment English 9

Library/Computer Lab Goal for 02/17/15

First, check out Shmoop for information about The Odyssey. This site can help you with themes, symbols and details you may have forgotten. In particular, look at the sections on themes, characters, and analysis. Here’s another video of the story; it has 3 parts, so search around for the other 2 if you want to use it.

Then, search the Internet for artwork, songs, poems, stories and/or video that is related to themes, symbols and ideas found in The Odyssey. Keep these links on a Googledoc for future reference. YES, you do have to give proper credit to any pictures/images you use. Share the document among your group members.

You may choose how you would like to present to the class. Some options are Prezi, Google Presentation, Thinglink, Haiku Deck, or other idea you have. Click on the links for tutorials for using each.

IMPORTANT: Choose ONLY the FREE version of any presentation formats and use your school Gmail account for ANY AND ALL work you do on this project.

Before the end of class Wednesday, have one group member make a list of the ideas/connections you came up with to turn in.


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