Honors English 4th Period

Day 3 in Computer Lab: Continue putting your group presentation together.

We will strive to begin group presentations on March 3.

You will have today and two additional days in the computer lab, and you will likely need to do some work on your own time as well.

I am NOT timing your presentations. If you do what you are supposed to do, your presentation should be over ten minutes, but under 20 – maybe around 15ish. Among your 4-5 group members, you should easily be able to determine if your presentation is too short or too long.

At some point while working on your presentation, you will want to double check each other’s grammar, spelling, etc., as I do expect your slides to look professional.

Homework: If you have not already done so, look at these tips for your presentation PPP-tips-1. Simply reading your slides to the class will not be tolerated and will earn you nothing higher than a “C” grade (possibly lower).

Due Tomorrow: Friday Paragraph #4 Choices S2 FP4. Also, tomorrow is the LAST day I will accept FP3 Speak Life S2 FP3 for credit.


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