Honors – 1st Period

Due Today: Friday Paragraph #4

Please open this document Day 2 in Lab MM Project for today’s instructions in the lab. This also explains how to cite a picture and poetry.

NOTE: easybib is NOT an option for citations on this project.

Your presentation should include a “Title Page” with each of your names and class period, as well as a clever title for your presentation, and an introductory slide that includes a well-developed paragraph, including a clear thesis statement, that synthesizes all of your researched  information. 

Here is a sample beginning of a presentation of connections put together by Mrs. Ekman: Sample Google Presentation.

Please read through these PowerPoint Slides for some tips for your presentations PPP-tips-1.

Here is next week’s Friday Paragraph – Due: 02/27/2015 Friday Paragraph S2 FP5

Here is a rubric for your presentation Rubric for Presentation.

During the last 5-7 minutes of the period, please complete the Google form below. Do NOT begin until the last 5-7 minutes of class.


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