Honors English

Your job in the computer lab today is to keep working on your group Multi-Media Project.

During the last 5-7 minutes of class, please complete and submit this form.


Due: Tomorrow: Final Book Discussion.You need to be finished (or close to finishing) with your book. Your Theme Paragraph(s) due.

To be prepared for your next discussion to take place on Tuesday, 02/24, you should be finished with your novel. At this point, you should know the theme(s) of your novel. Write about half page explaining the theme or themes of your novel, and discuss how these life revelations connect to the Odyssey and to your own life.

Here are things to remember about finding theme:

  • A theme is a revelation about life
  • It is NOT just a subject, but what you learn about that subject from the novel as it is applied to life.
  • The theme(s) you discuss must apply to the whole novel and to real life.
  • Consider what the main character learns throughout the process of the novel, how the main character changes, and/or how the main character solves his/her conflicts.
  • A theme should be written as a COMPLETE SENTENCE.

USE YOUR THEMES AS A CONNECTION TO EACH OTHER’S NOVELS (if possible) AND TO THE ODYSSEY (Connection to the Odyssey Required).


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