Honors English

Poetry Thursday: Dear Blabby advice

Discussion of 16th Century Marriage Customs

1st Period: As a bridge between finishing up with Homer’s Odyssey and moving on to Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet (and because you need to know this stuff), you will be taking some notes on archetypes ArchetypalCharacters, many that apply to the Odyssey and many modern day works as you will find when you provide examples, and some that apply to Shakespeare’s tales as well. Use this Archetype Presentation for definitions – begin with slide 2 for def of Archetype, and then move to slide 13 to find definitions of the listed archetypes.

4th Period: Finish presentations, turn in observation sheets, and begin Drama, Literary, and Poetry Vocabulary.

NO-HOMEWORK NIGHT!!! (unless you have not yet submitted your Presentation or Works Cited.



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