English Co-Taught 5th Period

To learn a bit more about Romeo and Juliet, we are going to read the Prologue, which is in the form of a sonnet A sonnet is a fourteen line poem, and do this activity: Romeo and Juliet Prologue Activity

Background information- FlashGoogle… Take 2 minutes and research the Elizabethan Era. Open ThingLink and add an image. Next, add 3 pop-ups with information about that picture. Share out.

Some vocabulary: Here is the list of Drama and Literary terms you will come across and need to know as we read the play: Drama LitTerms Words only. You should already be familiar with most of these. Using the purple literature book beginning on p. 1019, look up and copy definitions of the vocab. Complete as many as you can. We will continue to work on this list throughout our time with Shakespeare.


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