Honors English

Romeo and Juliet Act V, Scene i (1) 

  • Video through Line 34
  • During Shakespeare’s day, plays did not have elaborate sets or props, so the actors had to describe some settings using lots of descriptive details: adjectives, imagery, figurative language
  • Read carefully Romeo’s description of the Apothecary Shop – Lines 34-57. Use the online Lit Book or No-Fear Shakespeare
  • Using Romeo’s detailed description, illustrate the Apothecary Shop-Turn this in
  • Finish Scene i (1) – This is a VERY important scene in the play, even though it appears to be so short!

Due Friday, 05/01: Friday Paragraph 11 Fri Para R&J Characterization – Character Paragraph with List of Character Ingredients – See Monday Post

12 Sentence Paragraph Format 12-SentPara R&J Charac

Friday, 05/01: Final Lit Circle Book Discussion and Final Plan for Presentation


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