English 955

Today: This is your last class time for working on your group presentation; USE YOUR TIME WISELY. Here is a checklist to consider to make sure you are prepared for your presentation, which begins on Monday, 05/11:

  • Do you have enough information on your topic to make a 15 – 20 minute presentation? Have you timed it to be sure?
  • Is your presentation interesting? Do you have a variety of information, pictures, and video/audio to hold your audience’s attention, but not too much to be distracting?
  • Are you using at least a size 20 font on slides?
  • Have you made sure you don’t have too much writing on any single slide?
  • Do you have a correctly formatted Works Cited page, using MLA style – with ALL sources you used cited, alphabetized, double-spaced, and hanging indentation? Make sure yours looks similar to this Sample Works Cited Page.
  • Do you know who will cover what part of the presentation and when?
  • Have you checked grammar, sentence structure, capitalization, spelling, and confused word usage?

DUE TOMORROW: FRIDAY PARAGRAPH #12 Friday Paragraph #12 – Just One Drop


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