English 9 Co-Taught – 5th Per.

Submit your Mini Research on Genocide to Classroom

Using Dictionary.com, look up these vocabulary words Terms List for Night and write definitions.

Continue reading Chap. 1 of Night

In Chapter 1 (p.3-22), find the meanings/importance of the following words. These are characters, places, religious words and ideas. Record this information in your notes.

Moishe, the Beadle- Who is Moishe and what is a Beadle (p.3)
Sighet (p.3)
Talmud (p.3)
Hilda, Bea and Tzipora (p.4)
Kabbalah (p.4)
Expelled (p.6)
Gestapo (p.6)
Rosh Hashanah (p.8)
Anti-Semitic (p.9)
Fascists (p.9)
Passover (p.10)
Yellow Star (p.11)
Ghettos (p.11)
Cattle cars (p.22)


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