English 955

Finish Chap. 6, read Chap. 7, and begin Chap. 8 – Answer study guide questions from Ch. 6 Chap 6 SG Questions and 7 Chapter 7 SG Questions

Due on the day of your Final Exam: You will be writing a letter to yourself on paper. I will give you an envelope and you will seal your letter in the envelope. I will return these to you in May of 2018, when you are seniors. The letter can be about anything you want to write. No matter what you write, it will be fun to get it back in four years. I will not read these.

I know that a few of you have signed up for AmStuds next year and are anxious to get started on summer reading, so here is the letter that will be mailed out listing the possible texts for next year, as well as what you NEED to read over the summer American Studies Summer Reading 2015.


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