Honors English

Vocab Unit Two 09/28 Taciturn: adj. silent; sparing of words; close-mouthed – Throughout the party, Larry was moody and taciturn. No one heard a peep from him.

Pithy: adj. – brief, forceful, and meaningful in expression – The short, pithy sayings have become popular mottoes and household words because they are short and sweet.

Group Activity: Share Lit Terms as applied to “The Most Dangerous Game”

*First per received copies of The Pearl; Third per did not

Homework: Read the following Background info on John Steinbeck and Background on The Pearl BACKGROUND INFORMATION on Steinbeck and The Pearl, and write down two (or more) interesting facts from the reading to share with the class tomorrow.

Archetypes in Literature – Take notes and know the following archetypes: (3rd per – finished through slide 4) Archetypes In Literature PPP


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