English 9

Poetry Thursday: October 8, 2015 – Use your “Love-it” Journal

Begin your paragraph with “It was an ordinary day, just like any other. I got up and got ready for school, grabbed my bag and headed out the door. On my way there, I noticed the streets were a bit quiet, but didn’t think twice about it until I got to school. The halls were dark and eerie, and then….”

Sentence Diagramming – Check this site for simple sentence diagramming practice (this will be on tomorrow’s quiz)

Using the charac and conflict charts you created yesterday on either “The Dinner Party” or “The Zombie Story”, write a characterization paragraph for ONE of the characters and a conflict paragraph. Use these frameworks CharacConflict Frameworks to help you. You may use “The Sniper” if you prefer. These will be due Monday, 10/12/15 and can NOT be turned in late.

Due Tomorrow: Friday Writing Friday Paragraph 4

Vocabulary/Grammar Quiz Tomorrow – here is the list of words Unit Two VocabList to Study



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