English 9 and Honors English

Here is a list of the words that will be on tomorrow’s quiz:

  1. Circumlocution: noun – speaking in circles; roundabout speech, perhaps to avoid hurting anyone’s feelings – commonly called beating around the bush
  2. Digress: verb – to wander off from the subject or topic spoken about.
  3. Verbose: adj. using too many words, wordy; long-winded
  4. Voluble: adj. – talking a great deal with ease
  5. Complacent: adj. – self-satisfied; smug
  6. Disdainful: adj. – full of bitter scorn and pride; aloof
  7. Pretentious: adj. – claiming or pretending increased importance; ostentatious (showing off)
  8. Cliché noun: an idea or expression that has become stale due to overuse (trite)
  9. Insipid adj: lacking flavor or taste; unexciting
  10. Mundane adj: commonplace; ordinary

Confused Words: Then and Than

Then – to show sequence

Than – to show comparison


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