Honors English

Watch the following Videos – Figurative Language Rap and Figurative Language in Songs

Read pp. 402-403 (Lit Book) about Imagery.

Imagery Practice: Choose ONE of the following poems. Read it and identify the types of imagery used (sight, sound, touch, taste, smell)
Woman Work” by Maya Angelou p. 409
Daily” by Naomi  Shihab Nye p. 410
in Just” by e.e. Cummings p. 414
Country Scene” by Ho Xuan Hu’o’ng p. 425

Create this chart to record your images. Pay particular attention to the effect the image has on the reader. “To make it more interesting” or to help me understand it better are NOT  valid reasons. Go deeper – HOW exactly does it help you understand or picture it better? On the back of your chart, explain in two or three sentences – the overall effect of the use of imagery in the poem – why do you think the poet chose this imagery?

Figurative Language practice– ReadOnce by the Pacific” (p. 423). Write down at least three examples of Personification. Explain what is being personified, what human quality is given to the non-human object, and what the effect of this is on the reader.

Tomorrow: Vocab Unit 4 Quiz – Be sure to do the practice – Quizlet – Google Classroom

Due: Monday, 11/09: Self-Select Assessment – 12-Sentence Character Analysis paragraph on a character from your choice book. 12 Sentence Character Analysis Paragraph for a Character in a Novel


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