English 9

Today’s Vocab: Gregarious-adj: sociable and outgoing – As a child Tommy was quiet, but as a teenager he’s quite gregarious.

Jocular-adj: characterized by joking and good humor; jovial; enjoying being around people, joking, and having fun – Jimmy Fallon’s jocular personality makes him the perfect host for The Tonight Show.

Your purpose in the computer lab today is to find and evaluate, if necessary, the sources you will use for your research paper. Remember, the requirement is to use at least four sources, two of which are data base and/or print sources. You do NOT have to evaluate data base or print sources; that has already been done for you. For the other sources, here again are the guidelines for finding credible sources Selecting Using Sources.

It is also important to read through your sources (yes, even the data bases) to determine what kind of information you will gain from that source and if it will be useful to you. Therefore your next step is to create an annotated bibliography.

Here is a definition of, and list of steps and suggestions for creating, an annotated bibliography What is an AnnotatedBibliography

Here is a sample Annotated Bibliography with labels annotated biblio Format. Check this out BEFORE you begin yours and again after you are finished to be sure you are on the right track.

Please create your Annotated Bibliography in Google Classroom. When you are finished, begin your note taking.


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