Honors English

Please turn in your copy of The Secret Life of Bees

Daily Vocabulary: Pabulum – noun: material for intellectual nourishment – Books are pabulum that nourish our minds, so devour them.

 Sycophant – noun: one who tries to win favor or advance him/herself by flattering persons of influence; a servile self-seeker – We can surmise that the sycophant will switch loyalties as soon as he is offered a better deal.

Here is the final information for turning in your Research Paper on Friday, 01/15: Info for turning in final research paper 2016

Here are some final helpful tips for a good research paper: NOTES TO REMEMBER FOR RESEARCH PAPER

In case you have misplaced your instructions/rubric, here it is again HonorsResearchPaperRubric2015. NOTE: The rubric is slightly different than the original one I gave you. I am still assessing the same concepts/skills, but combining some of the sections.

Information for Final Assessment/Exam: English 9-Honors Final 2016


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