Honors English

Vocabulary Unit 8  – The Odyssey Part One Vocab – Adversity – noun: hardship; great misfortune

Formidable – adj: awe-inspiring by reason of excellence; strikingly impressive

Honors: People and Places in The Odyssey (These will also be on the quiz this unit) – Calypso: beautiful nymph goddess who keeps Odysseus on her island for seven years

Alcinous: king of Phaeacia (where Odysseus lands after leaving Calypso) – Odysseus tells the story of his adventures to Alcinous’s court

NOTE: Quiz Date is Thursday, 02/18/2016 (NOT Friday this time) – All words are listed in Quizlet, which you can access through Google Classroom.

For those of you who are new to my class this semester, and as a refresher to those of you who were with me first semester, here is the info on the vocabulary units Two Week Vocab Unit.

Continue watching The Odyssey – just after Odysseus and his men left the Cyclope’s island to entering the Land of the Dead.



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