Honors English

Daily Vocab: Abominably – adv: in an extremely unpleasant or disgusting manner; Ardor – noun: passion; enthusiasm

Honors: People and Places in The Odyssey: Thrinakia: island where the sun god Helios keeps his cattle

Sirens: sea nymphs whose beautiful, mysterious music lures sailors to steer their ships toward dangerous rocks

Finish Stations for Calypso Story

Coming Up: TOMORROW: Bring your Quarter 3 Self-Select Reading Book; prior to tomorrow, read enough to be able to provide a brief summary of the book and the exposition:

  • Provide info about who the characters are
  • Explain the setting of the story
  • Explain what the basic conflict of the story is

Thursday, February 18: Vocabulary Quiz – Characters and Places from the Odyssey will be on the quiz.


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