Honors English

Daily Vocab from the Odyssey Part 2: Candor – noun: honesty; frankness; Disdainful – adj: scornful; regarding someone as beneath you; Adorn – verb: add beauty to; decorate

Day 3 in Computer Lab: Continue working on Multimedia Project – the Key today is to COMMUNICATE with each other, so everyone has a job to do and knows what it is. ASK QUESTIONS if necessary.

How to make the most of your presentation – follow these guidelines: PPP-tips-1

REMEMBER: You have a Friday Writing Assignment #4 due Friday, 02/26 S2 FW#4 Headline to Short Story

REMEMBER: Your next book discussion is Thursday, 02/25. You have a certain number of pages to read by then. ADDITIONALLY, By now you should know quite a bit more about your character and the conflict(s). Write about 1/2  – one page introducing your character, as though you would introduce a friend, to your group members. As part of the introduction, include what the main conflict(s) is/are and how you think the character will go about solving the problem.


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