Honors English

Daily Vocab: Pliant – adj: flexible; Tremulous – adj: trembling; shaking

Continue on with Transforming Source Materials and the Odyssey. Read “The Lotus Eaters” episode from the Odyssey by Homer. Read this Background Info on Romare Bearden. Observe/analyze this collage LandOfLotusEatersCollagedocx by Romare Bearden and answer the following questions:

  1. What elements of Romare Bearden’s collage style do you think suit the mythical aspect of “The Lotus Eaters?”  
  2.  What details in Bearden’s picture fit Homer’s description of the land of the Lotus Eaters?
  3.  No lotuses are shown in the collage, yet what in the scene makes it look like a place where people might forget their homes?
  4.  ***What might Bearden be saying with this collage about tropical native life before the intrusion of outsiders (represented by Odysseus’ men)? From this point of view, for whom was the journey perilous?

Tomorrow we will look at a 3rd medium depicting the same episode/scene.

REMINDER: Please submit your group Multimedia Presentation to Google Classroom. Class presentations will begin next week.



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