English 9

Daily Vocab: Use your literature book “Handbook of Literary Terms” pp. 1019-1031 and/or pp752-754; 783 to find the definitions of the following Drama and Literary Terms:

  1. Comedy – Lit Terms HB
  2. Comic Relief – Lit Terms HB
  3. Tragedy – Lit Terms HB
  4. Tragic Flaw – 752
  5. Tragic Hero – 752

You should have your notes from Monday on Homer’s Odyssey version of the Cyclops (pp. 660-670), the poem “The Cyclops in the Ocean” (p. 672) The Cyclops in the Ocean Questions, and the History Channel Documentary Parts I and II A Documentary of the Cyclops Questions. Use this framework Cyclops Framework Blog to write a paragraph comparing Homer’s version of the Cyclops to ONE of the other two mediums. Remember to use evidence and cite line numbers if using Homer’s Odyssey or the poem. Turn in immediately!

 Read your book and take notes on theme; bring your book tomorrow.

Final Book Discussion will be Friday, 03/18.


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