Honors English

Due Today: Study Guide Questions for Of Mice and Men

Daily Vocab: Ingress – the act of going in or entering, the right to enter, a means or place of entering; entryway.

Insouciance – lack of care or concern; indifference.

Lit Circle Groups– Today, students chose a novel/book to read for the next four weeks. If you were absent, see me immediately for your book, and find out from your group members what job you have and how many pages to read for our next meeting: Thursday, 04/21/2016. Here are the job descriptions for each task Lit Circle Jobs; you will get a paper copy tomorrow. Bring your book to class with you tomorrow.

Tomorrow, you will be working on your essay questions for Of Mice and Men. Bring your copy of the book to use and turn in. Bring the list of essay choices Essay Questions for Of Mice and Men. Prepare BEFORE tomorrow: which two questions you will answer, a basic thesis, and marked passages that you plan to use to support your answer. IF you have this done in advance, you should pretty easily be able to finish in class tomorrow so you can enjoy the beautiful weekend to come without English homework (except the reading).

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