English 9

Confused Words Wednesday: amount vs. number – Amount is used for bulk measurement – nouns that are uncountable, such as bravery, intelligence, water – the phrase – “the amount of people in the room” is incorrect; Number is used to count separate units – used in reference to countable nouns, such as people, dogs, books – the phrase “the number of people in the room” is correct

Example: The amount of intelligence a person has may be related to the number of books he/she reads.

Finish note-taking of Dramatic PurposeSummary of Act I scene 3

Finish reading R & J Act I

Mercutio’s Queen Mab Speech –NOTES: Symbolic Archetypes: Light vs. Darkness – Light usually suggests hope, renewal, OR intellectual illumination. Darkness implies the unknown, ignorance, or despair. Jot down examples of light and darkness in the speech. Also, don’t forget to notice the point where Mercutio’s state of mind changes significantly during the speech. – If necessary, watch this video again of Mercutio’s Queen Mab speech.

TOMORROW: Bring your Lit Circle Book; you should have read the number of pages determined by group members and have your job completed. COME PREPARED!


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