Honors English

Daily Vocab: Structure – The way the author selects and arranges the details of the story (how it is put together); time manipulation: chronologically, flashback, flash forward

Style – The author’s technique of writing. Consideration should be given to sentence length and syntax (how the author puts words and phrases together to make sentences); punctuation or lack of it; diction (word choices) and vocabulary; use of symbolism, metaphor and simile constructions, & other forms of figurative language; author’s use of idioms, slang, & vernacular (indigenous/native) speech

Syntax – the study of the rules and/or patterns for the formation of sentences in a language.

More twos and pairs in Romeo and Juliet: Juxtaposition in Romeo and Juliet and Oxymora and Paradoxes in Romeo and Juliet

Summaries of Act IV Summaries Act IV – If you were absent, read through these, as it is the only info you need for Act IV. (You DO need it)

Parts for Act V

REMEMBER: Final Book Discussion Tomorrow – BE PREPARED!!!



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