English 9 and Honors English

Daily Vocab: Rhetorical Devices – a stylistic use of sound and language to appeal to the audience’s emotions, such as repetition of words/ideas with important meaning

Parallelism – repeated grammatical structure that emphasizes important ideas.

Your task in the computer lab today is to GET RIGHT TO WORK ON FINDING INFO FOR YOU PRESENTATION!

You should each have your assigned tasks for the group and begin immediately finding info. Create a Google slide presentation to share.

This is a multimedia project, so you may add video clips, poetry, songs, pictures, etc. as well as context. REMEMBER to CITE EVERYTHING. Keep track of ALL your sources for your Works Cited. You also must evaluate the info you use for credibility. Try the school Data Bases first, as they have already been evaluated.

Figure about 10 – 15 slides for a complete presentation. Videos count as part of your allotted time.

You will need an intro slide that introduces your book and gives a brief summary and how your topic connects to your book.

You may also consider a concluding slide (though not necessary) that wraps up with your thoughts on the book and/or a recommendation to others to read it.

You will be required to turn in a paper copy of a correct MLA formatted Works Cited page. Use Microsoft Word for this, since formatting is difficult with Google.

You will most likely have to do some outside of class work on this project. Make sure you are all fully aware of what YOU are responsible for.

Finally, you will want to each take part in checking grammar, capitalization, sentence structure, etc. for the entire presentation, as well as making sure the Works Cited is correctly done in MLA format. You may use easybib as long as you make sure ALL info is included and accurate, or you may use OWL Purdue.

We will begin presentations next week so you have some outside of class time to work on completing this project.



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