English 9 and Honors English

Confused Words Wednesday – I know we’ve had these before, but I’m still seeing the same mistakes, so let’s review:

  • Then: shows sequence – In a triathlon, first you swim, then you bike, then you run.
  • Than: makes a comparison – She is faster than her sister.

Final Day in the Computer Lab: Use today to check slides for grammatical accuracy, spelling, capitalization, etc. Check to be sure EVERYTHING is cited. Create a correctly MLA formatted Works Cited page, using Microsoft Word for easier formatting. If you are not sure how to cite something, check OWL Purdue; Check to see that your Works Cited page is correct. Print a copy with all of your names on it to turn in.

Check the timing on your presentation – 10 to 20 minutes

Presentations will begin mid next week

REMINDER: Vocab Quiz – Friday, 05/20


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