English 9 and Honors English

Begin Presentations today! So far, pretty impressive!

As you watch each group present, you will become part of the evaluation, so for each group, write:

  • Title of their book
  • One thing you noticed about the presentation (good, bad, or neutral)
  • At LEAST one positive comment about something you really liked (please be specific)
  • One suggestion you have for making the presentation better (again, be specific, please)
  • One question you have for the group

Due Today: Literary Analysis

NOTE: If you have received your Literary Analysis back to make corrections, please do so and turn in again on Tuesday, 05/31. As a reminder, here again is the 12-sentence paragraph format you should be using for body paragraphs 12 sent para structure with Juliet example. Obviously, don’t plagiarize the Juliet paragraph. Also, follow the guidelines in the assignment LitAnalysisAssessment2016.



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