English 9 and Honors English

Your job in the computer lab today is to do some investigating on your chosen topic. Your ultimate goal is to see if there is enough credible information out there on your topic. Keep in mind: You will need at least 5 credible sources; at least 2 (more would be even better) of those should be Data Base sources, and you will be writing a 2 – 4 (Honors: 3-6) page paper on your topic.

  • Use your time wisely – what you don’t get done in the computer lab will need to be finished at home on your own; you may need to do some investigating on your own anyway.
  • Begin by going to the school Data Bases: these are excellent resources that have been paid for for your benefit. You do NOT have to evaluate these sources for credibility because that has already been done for you.
  • Check the Encyclopedias, Newspapers, and SELCO Subscription Data Bases (All), or any of the individual Data bases under SSDB.
  • Type in your key words and search several different resources; the more Data Base sources you find, the easier your job will be.
  • Start a Google document for sources you find; when you find a source you think you’d like to use, copy and paste the URL and make a note to yourself as to what kind of source it is; for example, this source would be good for …, or I might be able to find something to use here, etc. Right now, this is all the info you need for sources. When you actually begin taking notes, you will need full citation info.
  • Once you have thoroughly searched the Data Bases, do a Google search, using your key words. You might, at some point, find you need to use different key words, either to narrow or to expand your search.
  • Anything you find that you might be able to use, copy the URL to your Google doc, along with a brief note about the source.
  • If you need to look at these in more depth later, you may do so.
  • Sites to stay away from: Wikipedia, Yahoo Answers, Ask.com, Blogs, many sites ending in .com
  • Sites ending in .edu, .gov, or some .org sites are usually pretty decent, but you will still have to evaluate them before using them.
  • If you have questions, ASK!
  • Stay Focused and Have Fun – with the research of course!

Here is a list of possible topics as well as topics that are off limits 2016-research-paper-topic.


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